Nose job consultation with Dr. Babajani (rhinoplasty in IRAN)

Dr. babajani

A rhinoplasty consultation with plastic surgeon "Dr. Aliasghar Babajani" about Nose job in Iran which includes : facial plastic surgery, nose plastic surgery, nose cosmetic surgery, cares , issues, postoperative treatment and some tips in cosmetic surgery.

This article covers the following topics :

  • Introduction of Dr. Babajani
  • Postoperative nasal deviation
  • The cost of rhinoplasty
  • The location of cartilage removal in nasal surgery
  • Danger of death in rhinoplasty
  • Return of fat nose after surgery
  • Use tampons after rhinoplasty
  • Wear glasses after nose job
  • Requires restorative operation
  • Corticosteroids
  • Open or closed procedure in rhinoplasty
  • Change the size of the nose after surgery
  • Operation time and referral from other places
  • Diet after rhinoplasty
  • Preoperative diseases
  • Nose scraping
  • The mark of sutures after rhinoplasty
  • Asymmetry in the nose
  • Recovery period of nose surgery and return to daily life
  • Concluding remarks

Introduction of Dr. Babajani

Hello doctor, please introduce yourself

Hello, dears. I am Dr. Ali Asghar Babajani, I have an ENT surgeon, sinus endoscopy fellowship and I also have an office in Tehran with about 26 years of experience only in rhinoplasty and my only focus is on cosmetic surgery.

Excellent doctor. At the very beginning of the work that talked about nose cosmetic surgery(rhinoplasty), what models of rhinoplasty do you operate on and what model of noses do you specialize in?

Well, this is the division that people make. But in general, we operate on all types of noses. I also operate on fat noses, bony, restorative, crooked noses and even noses that have been operated 3 or 4 times.

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Postoperative nasal deviation

Doctor, on the subject of deviation and crookedness of the nose, many people have questions, whether this deviation of the nose will disappear completely after rhinoplasty or not? This is because when these people see a doctor, what they are told is that this deviation may not go away completely. Explain about this issue: does the deviation of the nose disappear 100% after the operation or not?

Of course, I feel that it is possible to oppose any type of nose, and if there is some deviation, it may be recognizable to the doctor, but it is not recognizable from the patient's point of view. Of course, this is hard and practiced, but almost 90% of this correction can be done

The cost of rhinoplasty & facial plastic surgery

Excellent, Doctor, please explain the address of your office and the city where you work, as well as the price of the nose job, if possible. Of course, we always tell the audience that nose surgery does not have a fixed price.

My office is in Tehran, Beheshti Alley, but I will move to my new office in Jordan in the next few weeks.

But about the price of nasal surgery. Note that there are times when we spend about 2 hours on a surgery, but sometimes an operation requires 3 or even 4 hours in some cases.

For example, today we had a Restorative rhinoplasty that took about 4 hours. Well, according to these cases, it is natural and fair that the cost of the operation is also different. Of course, I am announcing the contact number to the service of friends, +989039040506, and I am announcing to people to send their photos so that we can announce the approximate price to friends.

The location of cartilage removal in nose reduction surgery

Excellent, Mr. Doctor, now that cartilage has been discussed, the question that arises for many people is whether the cartilage that is removed from the body for cosmetic surgery does not harm the body. And whether the part of the body where the cartilage is removed leaves a mark or not? Friends are a little worried.

Yes, let me start by saying that the best cartilage for rhinoplasty is the cartilage itself in the nasal septum, and surgeons usually use this cartilage for areas that need shaping, beautification, symmetry of the nasal septum, or even using for better patient breathing.

After this part, in my opinion, the best part for removing cartilage is the diseased rib part and then the earlobe. Apart from these, I absolutely do not recommend any other area for cartilage removal, especially the cartilage that has been irradiated or the cartilage that is taken from the corpse, and I do not use it for any disease.

However, in the case of cartilage resection and its risks, there is surgery anyway and there is a possibility of any kind of risk, but mainly if the surgeon is experienced, there is no danger. For example, if we want to use rib cartilage, an incision about 3 cm wide is made under the patient's breast, the effect of which is usually under the bra and is not visible, and in the case of men, it is not a problem and is not dangerous.

In general, I say that in any case, even if you want to cross a street, after carefully examining the surroundings, you should finally rely on God. The surgeon is the same, and after a thorough examination of the patient's condition and the rest, it is normal to rely on God.

The effect of cartilage removed from the ribs is such that it falls on the natural folds of the skin and is not generally seen, and in my opinion, considering the shape and strength of these cartilages, they are the best place to remove cartilage. The next place is usually the earlobe, so that we open the back of the ear and it is usually not seen and the appearance of the ear does not change much. If a person sees the patient, he will not notice anything.

But the most important thing that patients sometimes ask me and I point out is that they should not use irradiated cartilage in any way and no foreign body should be used in the nose and no cartilage other than body cartilage should be used.

Danger of death in rhinoplasty & nose plastic surgery

Thank you very much, Mr. Doctor. The audience is asking questions about the possibility of death in rhinoplasty and they are a little worried. Please explain about this.

Be aware that you are still in danger all day long, when you are driving or even when crossing a street, despite all precautions. The same goes for rhinoplasty, but given the modern equipment that exists and the vital signs that are constantly being monitored, this issue is almost gone and there is no need to worry and people can safely have rhinoplasty. Have.

Yes, by the way, there is a term that says that the risk of death in everyday life is higher than in the operating room. I always tell my friends that if they have a healthy body, they will not have any problems, and if they have a certain disease, they must inform their doctor so that nothing happens to them.

Return of fat nose after nose plastic surgery

Mr. Doctor, due to your special expertise in the operation of fat noses, please explain about these noses, and whether in the nose lift of fat noses, the result of the operation is reversible or not, and the nose returns to its pre-operative state or not? Although I had a nose operation myself and although I had a fat nose, nothing like this happened to me. Thanks for the explanation

You see, in the case of fat noses, contrary to what is common in society, the cosmetic procedure of these noses is absolutely irreversible, and I do not accept this at all. But the point that patients should be careful about is that these people should not Expect a very fancy and puppet nose. This kind of idea must be completely removed from the mind. Occasionally there are patients who want to have a very small and fancy nose. While we always say that just as people are careful about the fit of their clothes, so is choosing the shape of the nose, and the final shape of the nose should fit the rest of the face, such as the eyes, lips, cheeks. Note that beauty is defined by proportion and harmony, and the purpose of the cosmetic procedure is not to shrink the nose, but the purpose of this operation is to beautify the nose, which also happens in proportion.

Use tampons after rhinoplasty & nose cosmetic surgery

Thank you very much. Mr. Doctor, another question that friends ask is why they still have difficulty breathing after taking a tampon? Talk about this inhaled case. Thank you and whether you use tampons in surgery or not?

Nose job Bandage
Nose job Bandage

I absolutely do not use tampons inside the nose and the major surgeries in the world that I saw do not use tampons at all. The patient's nasal breathing after surgery should either be the same as before surgery or should be improved.

Of course, I saw this case closely with the doctor

Yes, the patient's breathing after rhinoplasty should not be reduced compared to before the operation and I will never use tampons. The patient may have cramps for one to two weeks due to blood and clots inside the nose or swelling in the nose, but usually after two- or three-weeks breathing should be completely normal.

Wear glasses after nose job & facial surgery

Mr. Doctor, a number of friends who wear glasses and want to have a nose job. The question arises for them that how long after the operation should they not wear glasses? Or if they use it, does it affect the shape of the nose or not?

  Yes, about a week after we removed the split on the nose, I think they can use the glasses and there is no need to worry and it does not cause any problems in the nose. If they are very anxious, they can use two or three extra tape in the place where the glasses are placed on the nose.

Requires reconstructive rhinoplasty (revision)

What is Revision rhinoplasty?
What is Revision rhinoplasty?

Thankfully, the question that arises for many women is whether rhinoplasty, like nail implants, requires reconstructive rhinoplasty, and whether a patient needs reconstructive surgery, and whether this is the case for everyone. Is it or not?

  Not for everyone. It is not needed if the patient does not have a specific problem such as breathing problems or asymmetry of the nostrils. We may have one or two reconstructive rhinoplasty per 100 patients, and this is not something that everyone needs.

Steroid injection after rhinoplasty

Thank you, please explain about prescribing Steroid and that sometimes patients ask their doctor to prescribe corticosteroids.

Steroid injection after rhinoplasty
Steroid injection after rhinoplasty

Steroids do not need to be injected into noses with thin skin. Steroid injection is needed in cases where the skin is thick and the swelling of the nose, especially in the tip of the nose, subsides too late. We use corticosteroids.

 Using Steroid is actually a scientific issue and there is no need to worry, just be careful to use it correctly and promptly. One month after surgery, we can use Steroids . The best are the same methylprednisolone ampoules, which are usually prescribed at a specific dose determined by the surgeon and may be repeated several times. In general, the use of corticosteroids in thick-skinned noses is not prohibited, depending on the experience of each surgery.

Open or closed procedure in rhinoplasty & nose lift surgery

Mr. Doctor, are the operations you performed open or closed? And which of the two methods is better?

Well, rhinoplasty can be done both open and closed. If the nasal problem is just a slight hump and the tip of the nose is not a problem, the closed method can be used. But in the last ten or twenty years, surgeons generally prefer to use the open method. Especially for times when we need to raise the tip of the nose or narrow the tip of the nose, we prefer to use the open method. I have been using the closed method for about 10 years, but in the last 15 years I have generally used the open method.

The point that may be misunderstood is that in open surgery, the surgeon does not necessarily need to cut the nasal fins and can only perform the open operation with an incision between two nostrils. Also, in closed operation, the nasal fins may be cut. This is a point that people should keep in mind.

Change the size of the nose after nose beauty surgery

Some people ask why the height of the nose changes after the nose beauty surgery, because some people say we are afraid that our nose will be too short. Is there such a concern or not? And if it happened to someone, what could be the reason?

Rhinoplasty swelling stages | tips, reasons, timeline
Rhinoplasty swelling stages

The height, length and width of the nose are all in one package and the surgeon must consider all of these in an integrated way to design the final shape of the patient's nose. It is not necessarily the case that the patient raises the tip of the nose. Instead, he has to consider all the aspects and then perform the operation according to his own design, and in general, the nose operation is completely in the surgeon's hands.

So the fact that some people say that after nose surgery, the tip of our nose has gone too high. Is this normal? Could this be due to the swelling of the nose showing the nose higher?

No, it is not. I think people should consider a very important point that usually surgeons have a special style for nose surgery, some surgeons operate the nose normally and others operate the nose fantasy. Now, a patient who wants to have a fancy nose operation must refer to a surgery that specializes in this and vice versa. The next point is that they should not be satisfied with Instagram photos and go to the doctor's office and see the patients closely and have a better choice.

Yes, by the way, I tell my friends that when they go to the doctor's office and see the operated noses, they must ask the others how much surgery has been done and whether the nose is still swollen or not, and do not judge solely on the size of the nose. Be sure to talk to people who have had nose surgery for six months. Because some friends who go to the doctor's office later say that we saw everyone there, her nose was big.

You are absolutely right. Rhinitis subsides by only 30% in the first six months, 60% in the first year, and finally 40% of the remaining swelling disappears after one year. To each other

People should be careful not to expect too much to show its final form one or two months after nose beauty surgery. This is why some people say after the operation that the shape of the nose was good for the first month or two, but then the tip of the nose fell off or it got better. In general, note that obtaining the final shape of the nose is a gradual and slow process.

A friend says that achieving this final state of the nose requires the patience of Job

Job's patience, which is not, but it takes at least a year to a year and a half

Rhinoplasty duration and abroad patient

Dear Dr. Babajani. The question that some friends living in other parts of Iran have  , considering that your office is in Tehran, is it possible for them to come for surgery only once? Is it possible to have a virtual consultation in the form of a video call?

Yes, please inform this number. 0903040506. Through this number, people can have video calls on WhatsApp between 9 and 10 pm. They perform tests, CT scans and nasal photographs in their own city and check them in the form of a video call, and finally, in the morning of the operation, they come to Tehran, their operation is performed and they can even return to their own city that day.

I have many patients who come from Iraq in the morning and return to Najaf at around 9 o'clock that night, and it is not a problem.

Diet after rhinoplasty & nose beauty surgery

Considering that women are more concerned about their appearance and beauty after rhinoplasty and are probably on diets. Do these diets interfere with postoperative care or not?

You see, the answer I give may be different from the opinion of some colleagues and they do not accept this opinion. But I believe that diet has no role in rhinoplasty and postoperative care. Patients should only be careful not to injure their noses after nose beauty surgery, and low-salt or high-salt diets and weight loss and obesity will not cause any problems for them. Of course, I believe that is also scientifically correct.

Because some friends who want to go on a diet use pills that are advertised on foreign TV channels and do not know what is inside these pills. Although these pills are said to be herbal, it has been shown in practice to contain some chemicals. Do you approve of the use of these pills?

One of my kidney specialists told me that unfortunately many people who use these pills end up on dialysis and have kidney problems and have many patients who are involved in this problem. He strongly advised them to avoid taking these pills. My suggestion is that these people who want to lose weight or be obese go to a nutritionist, and thank God there is no problem in Iran in this regard. In general, I suggest that they act scientifically and do not pay too much attention to TV commercials.

Preoperative diseases

Please explain about the diseases that people have, such as hypothyroidism or heart disease or diabetes, and whether these diseases cause problems for nose beauty surgery or not?

The point that all loved ones should be careful about is that they must inform their doctors about any diseases they have, such as heart or respiratory diseases or hypothyroidism, and the medications they take, especially Roaccutane capsules, if they take them, they must inform their doctors. That they do not have any problems during the surgery.

Well, in these cases, we have an internal medicine specialist who examines all of these cases, and there is usually no problem with rhinoplasty

So if these diseases are controlled, will there be no problem?

No, it is not a problem if it is controlled.

Nose scraping

Regarding the scraping, please comment and what is the reason that the patient needs the scraping and did you do it in the office or in the clinic?

I do absolutely nothing but dressing and injecting croutons in the office and do all the operations that are needed in the clinic. Regarding the scraping, I must say that if there is a problem with a crooked nose and a scraping is needed, it is a very pleasant event and there is no need to worry. There is concern when the nasal arch is too deep and cartilage needs to be inserted, which is a complex process for both the patient and the surgeon. Scraping is a very easy job that ultimately takes 10 minutes and is very easy, and I do this in the clinic if a patient needs this operation.

mark of sutures after rhinoplasty & scarless rhinoplasty

Do rhinoplasty leave scars ? | sutures & scar tissue
Do rhinoplasty leave scars ? | sutures & scar tissue

Please talk about the mark of stitches and whether there is anything special that can be done to vanish this stitch marks?

Yes, in the 26 years I have been operating, I have always used absorbable sutures that do not require suturing. The suture usually stays for 2 to 3 months, but after that it usually disappears and after 6 months this suture marks should disappear completely. The next point is that it is not necessary to use these topical ointments to remove the suture, and the effective factors in keeping the suture are the surgeon's method of cutting and sewing, and usually after 6 months, 90% of the suture disappears.

Asymmetry in the nose

Uneven nose after rhinoplasty
Uneven nose after rhinoplasty

Friends ask about their nasal fins and asymmetry. Is this normal?

Well, the nose should have symmetry, unless that nose has very special problems such as cleft lip and such problems, but usually after the nasal swelling is gone, that is, about a year to 18 months after the nasal swelling disappears, more than 95% of the nasal symmetry There must be.



Recovery period of nose lift and return to daily life

There are people who need to return to their work routine or exercise immediately after surgery. What is your opinion on this?


The suggestion I make to my patients is that they can get to work or exercise daily from tomorrow after surgery. Women can do cooking and washing, they can sleep in any direction they want and they can keep their heads up or down. These points are not very decisive as a result of surgery and I do not see any contraindications. In my opinion, after 7 days when the nasal plaster is opened, even the patient can lift a weight of 100 kg and do whatever he wants.

Of course, I would like to point out that since I personally saw Dr. Babajani's operation closely and realized the strength of his operation, I confirm this point. But if you had rhinoplasty with another surgeon, be sure to listen to your surgeon's advice.

Yes, you mentioned a very important point. These things that I said were only for my patients because I know how I performed that operation and I have a guarantee for my words and it is enough that there is no hit to the nose for 3 to 4 months after the operation and that is enough. But patients must use the opinion of their own doctor and the opinion of their own surgeon is the criterion for this care.

Concluding remarks

If you have the final point, please.

I want to mention a memory. We had a client who had a very big nose and came to my office. Her nose was so big that I do not think such a nose was created. I asked the patient to tell me your problem. This lady pointed to the top of her lips and asked about her mole. I was surprised and told her that here we do rhinoplasty services. And she is proud to say that what is wrong with my nose? I think this sentence should be recorded as a permanent sentence. It is very important that if a person is satisfied with his appearance and face, do not listen to other people and do not worry and reach his life with confidence.

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