Am I a good candidate for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

What you expect from your rhinosurgeon and what you think that will happen in your personal and social life after the rhinoplasty is very important. There are many patients, despite the satisfactory result, are dissatisfied with the result of their nose operation after rhinoplasty , due to mental problems, obsessive disorders or being overly influenced by others.

You may also like a form as an ideal nose that does not fit in with any other part of your face. In such cases, after the first consultation with the doctor, you may feel disappointed. As a result, one of the biggest question before rhinoplasty is this. "Am I a good candidate for Rhinoplasty ?"

Rhinoplasty and patient's mental state

Usually, people who have decided to have rhinoplasty, consciously or unconsciously visualize the postoperative conditions in their mind, and sometimes they may expect a miraculous event in their life by creating unrealistic expectations; such as, having successful marriage, gaining more confidence in social interactions, satisfying family and friends, etc.

To have a rhinoplasty, you first need to know that changes in appearance are not going to save your failed marriage, or help you get a new job. So it would be imperative that people who have unrealistic expectations of rhinoplasty refrain from surgery. It is also important to postpone cosmetic surgery for people who are experiencing severe mental crises, anxiety, or unstable emotions.

It is strongly recommended that you go for rhinoplasty when you are not under pressure from others and you do this for personal satisfaction and to eliminate the appearance defects of your face. In general, having realistic expectations, along with choosing a good doctor, significantly increases the probability of patient satisfaction of the outcome of the operation, and ultimately having a more acceptable face can even have positive effects on improving a person's social relationships.

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

Ideal nose shape

It is the surgeon who should distinguish the suitable shape of the nose that fits your face. You may have a rhinoplasty with a certain assumption, but during the initial examinations and preoperative consultation sessions, the surgeon will diagnose that another form is more compatible with your face. Or the surgeon may even explain to you that your request is not applicable due to the skin type or the size of the nose before the operation.

Hence, at the first visit, it is necessary to clearly explain all your expectations to your doctor so that he can acquaint you with all the dimensions of the surgery with the explanations he gives.

Natural Rhinoplasty

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ?

Unlike fantasy rhinoplasty, in natural nose surgery, only the defects of the nose are eliminated and the appearance of the nose will not change that much. This type of operation is often common among men; Because fantasy noses in men disturbs the proportions of their face and affects the attractiveness of their masculine countenance.

It should be noted that in a natural nose, the lower angle of the nose with the lips is about 95 degrees and there is no curve on the nose.

Fantasy Rhinoplasty

In fantasy nose surgery, the nose rises more than the normal-shaped nose, the curve of the nose is larger, and the shrinkage of the nose might be greater.

Fantasy nose surgery needs to be performed by an experienced rhinosurgeon so that patients will not encounter suffering from respiratory disorders and olfactory dysfunction due to the size reduction of the nose or the nostrils.

Are you a good choice for rhinoplasty?

If you are planning to have a nose job, you need to pay attention to a few points:

Physical and mental health in rhinoplasty

Physical and mental health is very important in rhinoplasty. Physical health in rhinoplasty minimizes the recovery period after surgery and reduces the complications of rhinoplasty. Thus, whenever the surgeon has doubts about the health of any of a person's vital organs, he refers the patient to the relevant physician for more examination.

A person's mental health is also very important. If a person has a mental illness, such as depression or obsessive disorders, it is necessary to refrain having rhinoplasty. It is also necessary to have reasonable and realistic expectations of rhinoplasty. For example, a person who expects a miracle and an extraordinary change in his life after rhinoplasty, should not perform it.

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

Age of rhinoplasty

The appropriate age for rhinoplasty is when the nose is fully grown. This age is

  • 15 to 17 years old for boys
  • 14 to 16 years old for girls

(three full years after the onset of menstruation). There is no limit older people, and if a person is physically and mentally healthy, even in the sixth decade of life, rhinoplasty will have good results.

Being financially independent for rhinoplasty expenses

Having financial independence to cover rhinoplasty operating costs can be important in two ways; The first is that if a person is going to have a problem after the operation due to the costs, he may feel unconsciously dissatisfied with the result of the operation, and the second is that the patient should be able to cover the postoperative expenses to complete the recovery period without any problem.

Appearance and physical condition of the nose

Be aware that some physical specifications, such as skin thickness or having oily nasal skin, may cause not to achieve the desired result in rhinoplasty. These are things that will be explained to you by your surgeon before the operation and will inform you about the result of the operation to some extent.

What changes can be made to the nose?

Knowing what changes your surgeon can make to your nose can go a long toward making your expectations more realistic.

Rhinoplasty can make your nose smaller or larger. It can change the angle of the nose or the size of the nostrils. Even if you have a dorsal hump, you can smooth it with rhinoplasty.

At your first consultation, you should discuss all your expectations with your surgeon so that he or she knows exactly what you want. The more details you give to your doctor, the better they will be able to tell you if rhinoplasty will help you reach your goals.

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

What happens during and after rhinoplasty?

It is important to know what happens during and after rhinoplasty. For example, you may want to talk to your surgeon about how to anesthetize or how you will feel as the anesthetic wears off. Especially if rhinoplasty anesthesia worries you, be sure to talk about it in consultation sessions with your surgeon to be fully prepared for the operation.

After rhinoplasty, the patient needs to rest for a few days and avoid some activities for a while in order to have a good recovery period. You also need to refrain from strenuous activities for a few weeks after returning to work. Knowing what you can do and how long you cannot do some activities will help you decide if the moment is the right time for you to do it or not.

What if we are not satisfied with the result of the rhinoplasty?

Sometimes, even with realistic expectations, the result is not matching what you expect. Do not worry, because there are still solutions for your problem.

Keep in mind that it may take several months for the final result to be visible. Your nose needs a long time to become fully healed after rhinoplasty. You may have swelling on and around your nose for several months. But if after a year you still feel dissatisfied, you can perform a revision procedure to eliminate the remaining defects.

Positive psychological effects of rhinoplasty

Am I a good  candidate  for Rhinoplasty ? | expectations, psycho effect

Studies show that a successful rhinoplasty can have many positive effects on improving a person's quality of life

increasing self-confidence

Having a beautiful nose and satisfaction with the face, makes the person feel better about himself and in such situations, he will be in society with more confidence.

Changing the way people look at you

Unfortunately, in society, people often judge each other by their appearance. So, having a more attractive face can have positive effects on your social life and relationships.

Job Impacts

It is true that in an ideal society, physical specifications should not affect a person's job position, but unfortunately, the appearance of employees affects the view of employers subconsciously. A successful rhinoplasty may even help you to have a better job position.

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