What is non-surgical hair transplant?

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

Although hair loss is one of the common problems of middle-aged men, but fortunately, hair transplantation is one of the effective and permanent solutions to eliminate hair loss and can bring back your beautiful and attractive hair. This work is done in different ways, in which the method of harvesting grafts is different. Probably, when you search for hair transplantation on Internet, the first thing that comes to your eyes is that it is a surgical surgery, and maybe you regret doing it at beginning because of fear of surgery or rumors you have heard about its side effects.

But you should know that with the advancement of science, many methods for implantation have been created, by using which you no longer need to endure the complications of surgery and anesthesia, pain and bleeding; But what are these methods and what are the characteristics of each one? To learn more about these methods, stay with us until the end of this article.


What is hair transplant?

First of all, it is better to check what hair transplant is and what exactly is done in it. In the scientific definition, the operation of hair transplantation includes transfer of grafts or follicles from donor area to area that has suffered from baldness. The donation area means the same place that is also called hair bank; An area with thick hair that is often resistant to hair-weakening factors and causing hair loss and can be used to fill in empty parts of scalp. In most hair transplant methods, this area includes areas around or behind head; But in some cases, body hair may also be used for implantation.

Depending on which technique is used to harvest grafts, different methods of hair transplantation will be defined. In general, there are two techniques for harvesting follicles; The first is in form of a strip and the second is in form of a single graft.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

The first method, which is called FUT, is surgical hair transplantation, which is more invasive than other methods. In this method, a strip of follicles is removed from donation area, and this will cause a longitudinal wound in this area. Hair transplant by FUT method is a bit invasive and most of applicants feel some pain afterwards and may also have bleeding. For this reason, doctors thought of creating other solutions to harvest follicles, which became known as hair transplant methods without surgery. In the rest of this article, we will introduce some of most important and popular methods.

hair transplant methods without surgery

The common feature of all these methods is that the grafts are harvested individually with less invasiveness, and for this reason, no wounds are seen, and applicants will not experience pain and bleeding after operation. These methods will be classified according to type of device used and tests and analyzes that are performed before hair transplantation. Read this section to the end to learn about each method.

FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant, also known as FIT, is the basis of all non-surgical hair transplant methods. In this method, a device called a punch is used to harvest grafts. This device has a relatively sharp series with a millimeter size, which can create very small wounds in extraction site to harvest one of grafts. This device works manually, and for this reason, the doctor cannot choose very close distances to harvest the follicles, and of course, the accuracy of harvest may decrease a little.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

The main advantage of hair transplantation by FUE method is the removal of strip wound and harvesting grafts in granular form; With this, the speed of harvesting grafts decreases a little, but instead, the grafts remain completely healthy, and no more wounds will be created in harvesting area. Due to fact that the cuts are very small and within millimeters, there is no need for sutures and bleeding will be very little. As a result, the recovery period will be significantly shorter, and you will no longer worry about leaving a scar or not growing hair from sutures place, and you will have uniform and thick hair all over your head.

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

  • The possibility of planting eyebrows, beards and mustaches using this method.
  • Making very small cuts that will eventually leave no scars.
  • A minimally invasive method with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery period.
  • Suitable for people whose scalp is hard and has little flexibility.
  • increasing the number of healthy follicles and improving results of implantation.
  • without causing pain and bleeding.
  • Uniformity of hair in all areas without scarring at donor area.

Disadvantages of FUE hair transplant

  • process of harvesting grafts doing by hand.
  • Prolongation of graft harvesting time compared to FUT method.
  • Higher cost than surgical hair transplant.

Hair transplant by SUT method

SUT hair transplantation is another method derived from FUE, in which automatic micromotors are used instead of manual punching; For this reason, the accuracy of planting is much higher and harvested grafts are less damaged. This method is much faster than FUE and will produce acceptable density due to the use of more advanced devices. A very important feature of SUT method is that up to 14,000 hairs can be transplanted, and for this reason, the hair density will reach 3 times more than other methods. The results of implantation with this method are very natural and no scars will remain; For this reason, you can easily achieve the hair you want and enjoy beauty and charm of your face.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

Advantages of SUT hair transplantation

  • Harvesting follicles with minimal skin tissue, which will increase the quality of hair.
  • Creating better and more natural results compared to FUE method.
  • increasing the speed of harvesting and planting grafts.
  • reducing the possibility of human errors and damage to follicles.
  • No restrictions on daily activities after hair transplantation in this way.
  • The possibility of harvesting grafts from areas such as under beard.

Disadvantages of SUT hair transplantation

  • The lower precision of devices used for harvesting compared to more advanced methods such as MFIT or Sapphire FUE.

Hair transplant by Micro FUE method

In Micro FUE or MFUE method, instead of punches, a device called a miniature implanter is used, which will create holes with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 mm in harvesting area. The holes created by this device are very small, and for this reason, it is possible to harvest grafts at close distances; Therefore, more grafts can be harvested to increase the density of hair. These wounds do not need sutures and no bleeding is seen in them. For this reason, you don't need to worry about leaving scars and losing uniformity of your hair after growth.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

An important advantage of Micro FUE hair transplantation is that you can adjust the opening of device; This issue causes grafts to be less damaged at time of harvesting and it is possible to harvest single hair grafts up to 5 hairs. In addition, in this method, grafts are harvested without the need for surgical tools and only by relying on force of suction; For this reason, the possibility of deeper wounds or damage to underlying skin tissues will be completely eliminated.

Advantages of hair transplantation by Micro FUE method

  • Creating very small wounds without pain and bleeding.
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • Increasing the speed of harvesting grafts and reducing time they stay outside.
  • The possibility of using body hair for hair transplantation.
  • The possibility of harvesting very thin hair.
  • Suitable for covering wounds area​​, fractures or burns and in general a small area that is bald due to injury.
  • The possibility of placing grafts at closer distances, which will increase the density of hair.
  • Suitable for people who cannot use surgical hair transplantation for any reason.
  • Reduction of surgical errors due to use of more accurate devices.

Disadvantages of hair transplantation by Micro FUE method

  • Lower quality of grafts compared to FUT method
  • The possibility of needing two sessions of hair transplantation for people who expect a high density of hair or their bald area is wide.

BHT hair transplant

The most different method of hair transplantation that can be a hope for applicants with a weak donor area (hair bank) is BHT hair transplantation. In this method, body hair (mostly chest and under beard) is used for implantation and it is suitable for people whose body hair volume is very high. Considering this issue, it can be said that this method is not suitable for women and only men can benefit from its benefits.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

The important thing is that in order to have a normal results in BHT method, the grafts in donor areas, i.e., under beard and chest, must be fully examined and grafts that are most similar to head hair must be harvested.

The method of harvesting grafts in BHT is the same method used in hair transplantation by FUE method; This means that a manual punching machine will be used for this purpose. This is not a problem; Because body hair is not as dense as head hair, which requires grafting from close distances. Another point is that considering that the growth cycle of body hair is different from head hair, this method cannot be used for all people who have a weak hair bank, and all conditions must be considered in order for hair transplantation to be successful in this way.

Advantages of BHT hair transplant

  • The possibility of harvesting body hair.
  • Suitable for improving the density of hair, especially in people who have only some parts of their head that have lost their hair.
  • Suitable for people who have a weak donor area.
  • Suitable for people who have already done implantation and results are unnatural.

Disadvantages of BHT hair transplant

  • Limitation in number of grafts harvested from different parts of body.
  • Not suitable for women.
  • Not all men can use it and there must be special physiological conditions.

Hair transplant by micrograft method

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

In hair transplantation by micrograft method, two different techniques are used to harvest grafts. In first technique, which is specific to applicants with a suitable donor area and a low level of baldness, automatic micrometer holders are used for harvesting. For this reason, the created holes will be much smaller than other methods and their place will not remain at all. In addition, it is possible to harvest grafts linearly and at close distances, and this is ideal for people who do not have a very extensive donor area (hair bank).

If person's bald area is very large, the scarlet Trichophytic technique is used for harvesting; In this technique, using very fine needles, grafts are harvested and then placed in low back or bald area. The micromotors used in micrograft method are much more precise and do not harm donor area. These devices have made work of implantation easier for doctors and of course it has also increased the satisfaction of clients.

Advantages of hair transplantation by micrograft method

  • No scarring at site of harvested area.
  • High density of hair due to the creation of very small and close holes.
  • The use of precise devices and different techniques according to conditions of each person.
  • Increasing the speed of hair growth due to use of special techniques to improve conditions of harvested grafts and strengthen them.
  • Suitable for women.
  • Can be used in eyebrow planting and beard and mustache planting.

DHI hair transplant

DHI hair transplant, also known as direct hair implantation, is one of newest methods based on FUE and has many similarities with this method. The only difference between FUE and DHI is that in direct method, the grafts are placed in desired location immediately after harvesting. In fact, in all hair transplant methods, the grafts are first harvested and placed in a strengthening material for a while, so that the grafts can be transplanted after the harvest is completed and grafts are ready. On the other hand, in DHI method, gaps are created in planting area at same time as harvesting, and grafts are placed in these holes immediately after harvesting.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

This is done using a delicate micropunch called a Choi Pin, which has a hollow needle of various dimensions that is connected to a reservoir through a very narrow tube. This pen harvests the desired grafts with suction power and these grafts are transferred to tank through tube. On the other side of this pen, there is a needle that is inserted into skin at an angle of 40 or 45 degrees. A piston is installed in upper part of this needle, by pressing it, the grafts are released from tank into needle and placed in gap created at planting site.

Advantages of DHI hair transplant

  • Increasing the quality of harvested grafts and increasing the possibility of their growth.
  • Increase the speed of hair transplantation.
  • Reducing the transmission of infection during hair transplant process due to direct transfer of harvested follicles to implant slots.
  • High growth rate of follicles.
  • It is possible to adjust the angle of grafts more precisely and make results more natural.

Disadvantages of DHI hair transplant

  • Higher cost compared to other hair transplant methods.

Super FUE hair transplant

The basis of work in Super FUE method is completely similar to FUE; But the difference between these two methods is that in Super FUE method, completely smart devices are used to harvest grafts, and the doctor has very little involvement. Due to use of these advanced and intelligent equipment, the speed of harvesting grafts will be much higher and the possibility of damaging them will be much less. Another important point in hair transplantation by Super FUE method is that scalp is completely analyzed so that perfectly suitable and functional grafts are harvested, and person achieves desired results.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

Also, the hair growth line is designed using laser devices and according to anatomy of applicant's face so that the results are completely natural. In this method, it is possible to harvest thin hairs and single hair grafts; These grafts are often used in growth line so that it has a natural state, and no one will notice that you have done a hair transplant after the results are fixed. In analyzes before hair transplantation, this method can accurately determine the number of follicles needed.

Also, examining the conditions of blood supply to skin, the degree of flexibility and elasticity, the thickness of grafts, the depth of roots, and the percentage of white and black hairs makes results of hair transplantation much better and more accurate. In addition, doctor adjusts harvesting devices according to these factors so that grafts are harvested without any damage and eventually grow with a high percentage.

Advantages of hair transplantation by Supper FUE method

  • The possibility of harvesting thin hairs and single strands of hair.
  • Measuring the thickness of grafts, the depth of roots and the characteristics scalp skin, which improves results.
  • Detailed design of growth line.
  • Using fully intelligent and adjustable devices to harvest and implant grafts.
  • Increase in density and thickness of hair.
  • The possibility of planting grafts at very close distances.
  • Using disposable punch and pen.
  • Using laser therapy to reduce inflammation at site of implantation and donor area.
  • Faster healing of wounds.

Disadvantages of Super FUE hair transplant

  • Higher cost due to use of highly advanced devices and detailed analysis before planting.

Sapphire FUE hair transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation differs from other methods not only in harvesting phase but also in implantation phase, and for this reason, it has become one of the best hair transplantation methods in world. In this, special tools are used that have rubies instead of metal blades. Due to this issue, the harvesting and planting of grafts is done very delicately, and precise and close micro channels can be created to increase the density of hair significantly. These miniature canals do not cause any wound or bleeding and give a completely natural look to transplanted hair.

What is non-surgical hair transplant?

Benefits of Sapphire FUE hair transplant

  • Improving hair density and creating completely natural results.
  • Accurate and natural growth line compatible with face shape.
  • The existence of a special technique for implanting grafts, which causes them to be angled more precisely.

Disadvantages of Sapphire FUE hair transplant

  • High cost due to use of rubies in the tools used.

FAQ about non-surgical hair transplant methods

Which non-surgical hair transplant method is best for me?

The answer to this question largely depends on your circumstances and should be given considering various factors. It is up to expert doctor to determine which is the most suitable method of hair transplantation for each person and it must be determined after thorough and complete examinations. According to age conditions, the degree of baldness or thinning of hair, the quality of donor area, the reason for hair loss, and the individual conditions of each person applying for method used is different, and even the same methods have different results in different people.

How much does hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplant also depends on various factors, and after completing examination sessions, the applicant will be informed in detail so that he can make right decision.

Can women also do hair transplant?

Yes. Hair transplantation is a little more difficult for women than for men; But that doesn't mean they can't do it. Of course, you should know that the methods that can be used to cover low back and bald areas on women's heads are more limited than men's and there must be more specific conditions for implantation to be successful.

For this reason, it is recommended that women who intend to have hair transplants go to a reputable clinic so that an experienced doctor can thoroughly examine them and determine whether they are suitable candidates for hair transplants or not.

Which is the best center for hair transplant without surgery or with surgery?

The most important point in success of hair transplantation is visiting a clinic that has up-to-date and advanced devices and skilled and experienced doctors.


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